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Tips on Preparing for a Family Photo Shoot

03 November 2012

What makes a photo shoot run smoothly and produce great pictures at the end of the day? I have just a few simple suggestions for you that will hopefully make the day of your family photo shoot that much less stressful. We all have enough going on in our crazy busy lives right? Let’s help make your photo shoot hassle free!

Tip 1: Scout out a fun location

Before your shoot, scout out a couple of fun locations you would like to use. You can try and find places that have interesting textures and backgrounds such as ivy, brick, a flowery field, etc. Parks, beaches or local forest preserves always make for nice settings. Or you can let the location itself tell a part of the story in your photographs by choosing a place that is meaningful to you like the front stoop of your house or your backyard.

Tip 2: Plan to have a couple of different outfits

Please try not to be tempted to put the whole family in the same color tops and bottoms. Those days are in the past. With a little planning, you can have your everyone looking natural and color coordinated. Choose a color palette and feel free to mix it up a little bit. Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in.

Tip 3: Don’t forget the props

There are lots of things you can bring to a photo shoot to bring some personalization to your pictures. If you have a small child you might want to bring a favorite baby blanket or toy that they love. This will not only look cute in the pictures but can also be used to get their attention towards the camera as well. If your teen has a favorite hobby they could include sporting equipment or an instrument in their shots. Even simple things like wagons, baskets, old empty vintage picture frames, balloons, flowers etc. can add a lot of personality to your photos.

Tip 4: Communicate with your photographer

It’s important to talk to your photographer before the shoot so that you can feel more at ease about what to expect the day of your shoot. Clear up any questions you may have for example what you should bring, how long the session will take, etc. If you have specific poses or a vision for your shoot let your photographer know beforehand so that he or she can be more prepared and bring any additional materials that might be needed.

Tip 5: Relax and have fun!

Finally, try to just sit back, relax and have fun. Photo sessions are meant to be enjoyable. After all, the more fun you have the better the pictures will be right? Try and act natural and be yourselves.

I hope these quick basic tips help you in making the most of your family photo shoot. With a little advanced planning your shoot should run fairly smoothly and be an enjoyable time.

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